Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bathroom Saga Part 2 of an Unknown Number

Just in case you missed Part 1 - I introduced you to our home improvement project.  In telling this tale I got as far as painting last time.  So - onward ho!

Like I said in the last blog entry, I made the mistake of suggesting we paint the bathroom before we re-do the floor.  Had I known what I was getting myself into with that suggestion I would never have said anything.  First my husband wanted to tear out the walls and put new sheet rock up because he didn't like how the walls were done in the bathroom.  I had to tactfully remind him we were NOT remodeling the whole bathroom - we were just getting rid of the carpet.  A short "discussion" later he finally agreed to just paint the walls.

Then came the "discussion" about what color to paint the walls.  You see, currently they are this bland, tasteless tan and white stripped pattern.  I wanted something with a little more color and character.  My husband's suggestion - white.  Not plain white but like eggshell white.  Time for a meeting of the minds.  Like before, we had a "discussion" that ended with agreeing to yet another trip to Menards (like trip number 7 or 8 for those of you that are counting) to look at paint chips.  My plan - get 2 or 3 chips we liked best and pick one from there.  I don't know what my husband's plan was.

What I can tell you is what did end up happening.  Let me clue ya - it was NOT 2-3 paint chips.  It was more like 10-15 paint chips (and a few of those had more than 1 color on the strip).  I wonder what my husband would have done had I not told him we had enough.  Yes - this from the man who initially insisted on painting the bathroom white.

After we got them all home we still had to pick out which color we were actually going to paint the bathroom.  We got it narrowed down to like 2-3 colors without any drama or issue.  Too bad that didn't last long.  It was time for a decision.  I thought I could get my husband's opinion on which one of the 3 colors we should paint.  That was when we reverted back to the previous issue of listing choices instead of making a decision.  You think I would have been smart enough to leave it alone and just pick something, but, what can I say, I wasn't.  Yes - we went through that whole thing - again.

I did wise up a little quicker this time.  I finally gave up and picked out a color on my own.  Yes, my husband was fine with it.  I wish I could tell you this is where the saga ends, but it wouldn't be a saga if it did.  So [in an over dramatic TV announcer's voice] Stay tuned for the next installment in the ongoing saga of the bathroom project!

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