Sunday, October 2, 2011


     Most people tend to associate apples with fall.  I know I usually do.  However, something I never actually thought about was what to do with apples.  I know, I know, the easy answer is eat them.  But these are completely au natural.  As in never been sprayed or anything.  That means quite a few worm trails and the danger of a worm or two in them.  Not something I'd willingly bite into without knowing whether or not something else was living in my apple.
     So, here I am, with probably 10-12 cups of cut up and cleaned apples (with the offer of even more should I but ask) and I'm not certain what to do with them.  I made an apple crisp the other day which turned out good.  I have a recipe my mom sent me for apple bread.  That'll be on the menu in the next day or two.  It still leaves me with quite a few apples....
     Maybe I'll leave some in the freezer for a crisp in a month or two when I'm fondly looking back at the fall amidst the below zero Fahrenheit and hip deep snow weather that's bound to be on it's way to this wonderful land we call Minnesota.

On another note - here's an update on my attempts to get in better shape.  I did pull my hamstring in my right thigh the first part of September.  Since then I've been temporarily transferred to a different site for work.  That translates into at least 45-60 minute drive each way for work as compared to about 5-10 minute drive to work and about a 2 minute drive to the gym.  That being said - my measurements are unchanged, as is the number on the scale.  Definitely time to reevaluate what I am doing...

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