Sunday, April 8, 2012

Character Sketch

So, this started out as a prompt from Write On Edge about the idea of an anti-hero.  The point was that an anti-hero is different than a villain.  My piece, started out as this, but evolved into more of a character sketch.

You see, I created this character as a supporting character for my NaNoWriMo 2011 work.  But in writing that story, I discovered this supporting character, Shawn, had a story I was itching to tell as well.  So, for the moment, I am still getting to know Shawn.  Hopefully I will be telling his story before too much longer in an organized piece.  There is an earlier bit about Shawn in the Romantic Things Happen prompt.  Until then, enjoy this snippet of character sketch about Shawn.

He watched, helpless, as she washed down a handful of pills with yet another cocktail.  He’d done everything he could think of to help her, even sending her to rehab three times on two different planets.  It never lasted long.  Someone would come around, link her or email her and she’d disappear.  Sometimes it was just for a couple hours.  More often it was for days, even weeks.  Every time she turned up after that, she was drunk, high or both and it would start all over again.

“Whad er you lookin at?” she demanded only half focused on him.

“Nothing, Rach, nothing,” he sighed

“Then go ‘way.  I’m shelebratin.”

“What now?”

“Mah new job.  It’sh on…”she nodded off as the pills kicked in.

He sighed again.  Nothing had changed.  He knew he should was his hands of her, walk away.  But he couldn’t.  They had too much history for that.

Instead, he settled her bar tab, roused her enough to get her on her feet and steered her out of the bar.  Once outside he picked Rachel up and threw her over his shoulder as he made his way back to her quarters.

‘Maybe I’ll find something about this latest job after I get her to bed,’ he thought.

Reaching her quarters, he palmed open the lock on the door.  He still couldn’t decide if it was prudent or pathetic that he had to program his print into her door lock just for situations like this.

He gently tossed her onto her bed and left her.  It was all he ever did to get her into bed anymore.  As he nosed around her computer for anything to tell him where she’d been for the last month or, just maybe, where she’s headed next, his link chimed.

He tapped open the line, “Yeah.”

“Where you been, man?  I’ve been waiting for almost an hour.”

“Sorry.  Meant to link ya.  Shit came up.”

“Rachel back around?”

“Don’t start.  I know what you think of this.”

“Then why do you keep doing it?  She’s messed up promotions for you twice now.  You’d have the blue ink if it weren’t for her.  She ain’t ever gonna change.  Not while you’re around.”

“And what am I suppose to do, abandon her just like everyone else has?”

“No.  Make her take care of herself for once since you two met.”

“Easier said than done.  You know my history with her.”

“Whatever.  This never gets anywhere with you.  So, you comin’ or not?”

“Yeah.  Give me a sec and I’ll be down.,” he thumbed the link closed.

Looking around, he sighed and headed out, palming the door lock on the way by.

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