Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Joys of Spring

Have you ever been chewed out by half ounce bird?  I was today.  It was rather funny.  I was out weeding and mulching my iris garden this morning.  It happens to be the garden where I have a bird house as well.  It also happens to be the bird house in which a pair of wrens chose to build a nest.  Now, I don't know if there are any eggs in there yet, but they have claimed that house and are not shy about letting anyone know when they feel you are invading their turf.  So, there I was, pregnant enough that it's rather obvious, attempting to bend enough to reach the weeds and spread the mulch.  Lo and behold one of the little wrens perches in the oak tree above my head and starts having hysterics over me being too close to its house.  They seem to forget I put that bird house up and I own the entire property.

Then again, the scolding is better than the multiple times I've been nearly run over by one or the other of those two wrens when I dare set foot outside my house.  I have had to start looking both ways before moving around outside at all.

But, I wouldn't trade it.  I love the spring.  I was greeted not only by a couple of mouthy little wrens but a number of other song birds, the first couple irises blossoming, a warm day with the sun shining and that wonderful damp earth smell that speaks of green growing things.

So, have a good chuckle at the image of me being scolded and borderline chased by a pair of little tiny birds and enjoy your spring!

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