Sunday, July 1, 2012

Inaugural Don't Panic Picture Prompt

You've asked for it, folks, so here it is.  The inaugural Don't Panic Picture Prompt.

Here's the rules of the game:

1. Use the picture as inspiration for your prompt.
2. The picture will be posted sometime on Sunday.
3. You have all week to ruminate and write as link up won't happen until Friday.
4. Please be kind - read and comment on others who link up as well.
5. Please do the best you can to follow the word count limit.  I know they can be pesky but we don't want novels being linked.  Takes to long to get through them all.  But, if you do go over slightly, the word count police will NOT come arrest you.

And now for your first picture prompt.  Drumroll please...

Image courtesy of my trip to Washington DC in July 2009

Your word count limit for this one is 400 words.  Come on back Friday to show off what you came up with!

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