Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things Left Undone

I read a post by Angela from Write on Edge.  The post was in response to the prompt on the idea of a phoenix (please go check it out - it's a great post).  But that post got me thinking.

See, my first is due basically any day.  To be exact, I have 8 days before I'm due.  And as I look around my house, I'm starting to see all of the things I haven't done yet that I wanted to.  Some of them are things I was hoping to get to before the baby gets her.  Most of them don't matter when they get done.  A few, like making sure my hospital bag is packed and the car seat is installed, need to be done before baby arrives.

But that got me thinking even more.  What will I be teaching my child about this very thing?  How do I teach him to prioritize things?  What does take precedence?  Yes - there are things like occasionally cleaning my house, paying the bills weekly, going grocery shopping, etc that can't be avoided or put off.  But there has to be a balance between things like that and things like exploring outside, writing, or just plain goofing off, doesn't there?

In the end, I think I've decided that there are times it's okay to have a few things left undone.  That is, just as long as you can look back with no regrets at what it is you left undone.  I think that may be the best lesson I could teach my child.


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  1. You are going to be exhausted at first, but then you are going to be bursting at the seams to write about your experiences. I carried around a blank book, and tried to jot down as many things as I could, ideas to write about, my boy's milestones, etc., when I was breastfeeding or just sitting with him. It really helped me get through some of the craziness. Good luck and congrats!