Sunday, July 21, 2013

Random Sunday - APA Style and More

Here’s something that I ran into today that really makes me wonder.  In APA style formatting, you have an abstract, an introduction and a conclusion (among other things).  All three of these elements say pretty much the same thing.  Why is that?  If I am to use this format in a graduate program in psychology, wouldn't one think that the people reading this are smart enough to figure out what I’m saying without having to repeat it three times?

My son has learned to climb things.  This is not a good thing.  He now attempts to scale most anything he can find.  The chair, the couch, people, boxes, the dishwasher and the refrigerator are all fair game as far as he is concerned.  This goes right along with trying to explain to him (remember, he’s 11 months old) that chewing on the dishwasher is not permissible.

Is there something going on with spiders this year?  I hate spiders.  With a passion.  There isn't much that will totally creep me out like spiders and similar creepy crawlies.  And it seems like there are more spiders this year than there have been in the last several years.  Yesterday I had to kill two spiders in my kitchen before I could make breakfast.  All while my son is sitting in his high chair banging on the tray with his hands yelling because he’s hungry.

There’s my randomness for this Sunday.  See you next time!

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