Sunday, July 28, 2013

Random Sunday - Family Reunions, Blueberries and Work

I’m tired today.  Not feeling too random either.  We’ll see how this post goes.

I spent most of the day Saturday at a family reunion.  It was pretty fun even though I didn’t know most of the family there.  The sad part is that it is my family.  My grandma’s brothers and sisters and the following generations of their kids and grandkids, etc.  The part that I didn’t like was that it was 3 hours away.  That was fun taking my 11 month old that far.  He actually did better than I thought he would.  Although he didn’t sleep at all on the 3 hour ride back home.

I also found out this weekend that my son really likes blueberries.  I mean really likes blueberries.  I’m surprised he didn’t end up with a tummy ache from the amount of blueberries he ate over the weekend.  But it is better than candy.

My final randomness for the evening – I go back to work tomorrow.  I don’t want to.  I am really enjoying being a stay at home mom.  So this ought to be interesting between school, work and my son.  Definitely time for the hubby to step up with some housework.

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