Sunday, August 18, 2013

Random Sunday - Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Work and Spiders

It’s Random Sunday again.  I love this post.  It’s so easy to write because I don’t have to think.  I just write whatever comes to mind.

Like, for example, I learned today to be much more careful about feeding my son chocolate chip pancakes.  We were out for my husband’s birthday and I ordered my son pancakes.  The chocolate chips were nice and gooey.  However, my son would occasionally spit out his bite of pancake for no apparent reason.  By the time we were done eating he had chocolate in places that looked really bad.  As in diaper issues really bad.  My husband wouldn’t take him into a store until we changed his onsie and wiped the chocolate off of his legs and arm.

I’m getting a little nervous with my new job.  I still think the program could end up really cool.  The powers that be, though, don’t seem to totally understand what it’s going to take to run the program.  They keep thinking they can put things off.  We keep telling them that it doesn’t work that way but they have not yet listened.

Holy crap for the spiders around this year!  I don’t know about where you live, but around here there have been a ton of spiders.  I notice these things because I can’t stand spiders.  Almost to the point of panic attacks I don’t like spiders.  So, when the local spider population increases, I will see it.  I’ve managed to get to the point of a truce with the creepy things.  They stay out of my house and they get to live.  In my house means they are dead as soon as I find them.

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