Sunday, August 4, 2013

Random Sunday - Fashion Statements and Allergies

I've been out of town all weekend.  So, this is going up late on Sunday night.  You’ll get the double post tomorrow when I've had a chance to catch my breath and catch up!

Here’s an observation I noticed over the weekend.  Now, let me start by saying I am in no way commenting on this person’s weight nor am I a fashion expert.  It was just something I noticed.  I was walking behind a heavier woman who was all dressed up (read formal wear) to go to a street dance.  This was proper dress for this particular dance.  The thing that I questioned was her choice of details in the style of the dress.  There was a big bow at the small of her back.  I would think that one would choose a dress that is meant to look flattering.  Besides not fitting well to begin with, why would you choose to wear something that draws one’s attention to you in a very unflattering way as this bow did?  I just don’t get that…

I’ve also learned to hate insurances lately.  Some guy who, as it turns out, had no insurance rear-ended me about a month ago.  It took a week to find out that the insurance information he gave me was not accurate and he did not have insurance on the car.  It took another week for my car to get fixed.  Only after it was fixed did I finally hear back from my insurance that they would pay for the damages under my policy.  But it also meant I had to pay my deductible.  That bites.

While this summer has been nice to have some paid time off to play with my son, I am learning to hate this summer.  I have allergies.  This summer has been so very not nice to my allergies.  Pretty soon someone is going to accuse me of getting high on my allergy meds because I am taking so much attempting to avoid getting sick.  I hate winter but am starting to wish it would come soon just so that first frost or two would get rid of all the pollen, etc. and then maybe I’d feel better, or at least stop taking quite so many allergy meds.

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