Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Trifecta gave us the word animal - as in a human being considered chiefly as physical or nonrational - this week.  As always, our responses had to be between 33 and 333 words.  This week it is a community judged competition.  So, please consider heading over there via the link above and vote for me!

This is a continuation of my Weather Rider series.  For previous pieces of the story, follow the Weather Riders tab above.

When the rain dropped off to a light mist, Caiden gestured for me to get back on his motorcycle.  Feeling like a leaf stuck in the rapids, I was along for the ride.  We chased the storm another twenty miles or so before he stopped once more.

“He’s here.  Can you feel him?”

Enjoying the rumble of his voice vibrating through our bodies pressed together on the bike, it took me a moment to answer.

“Yeah.  The power’s building.  This storm won’t be the end.”

“The next one will be out of control unless we do something now.”

I sighed.  I knew he was right.  But, growing up here I knew most all of the local Weather Riders.  None were Monitors.  All were pretty minor players.  But a Storm Rider had gone rogue.  I couldn’t deny that anymore.

“Fine.  Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Keep his attention on you.  Do whatever you need to.”


“I’ll take care of the rest.  You won’t be hurt.  I promise.”

There was something in the way he made that promise that I trusted him despite not seeing his face.  We made our way into another park, though this was more of a preserve than playground.  Before Caiden turned the bike, I knew the rogue Rider was just to the left.  We reached a parking lot at the end of the road and I could see him.

It was Isaac.  I went to high school with him.  Only, it wasn't him.  His hair and clothes were blown askew 
from the storms.  He was muddy and wet.  There was a manical light in his eyes.  He was more animal than man.

I approached him head on.  I saw Caiden drift toward the wood line to our right before losing him.

“Isaac.  It’s me, Emma.”

He stared right through me.

“Let me help you, Isaac.  You’re not a rogue.  You’re not like this.”

His hysterical laugh chilled me to the bone as he called another storm.


  1. Holy cow - how have I missed your Weather Rider stories?? This is so totally up my alley. I loved this piece, and can't wait to read more. What a fabulous world you've built.

    1. Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed this series.

  2. Chilling tale! Well described.

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah. That's one way to put it. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. You have my vote, nice job.

    1. Thank you and thanks for dropping in so often. I really appreciate that.

  5. Intriguing. Like a rogue wave capable of capsizing ships at sea. I like the theme - Weather and Storm Riders, and Monitors. I'll go back and read previous installments. And I like the Emma's empathy for Isaac, or for who Isaac used to be. Nice job.

    1. She is so torn by the drastic change from the Isaac she knew and the Isaac standing before her. It really bites to be her at this point. Thanks!

  6. I agree--this is a very cool series. Thanks for sharing it with us. Don't forget to vote!