Monday, October 7, 2013

Book Review: Shadows of the Redwood and The Quicksilver Faire by Gillian Summers

 Yep.  I’m cheating a little by combining these two into one review.  They are the first and second book in the Scions of Shadow trilogy, which is the next part of the Faire Folk Trilogy I reviewed a few weeks back.

These two books continue Keelie’s story as she continues to learn about her father and his people.  She, of course, is pulled into a whole new set of adventures.  This time there is the added drama of teenage dating occurring, not just teenage crushes as in the last trilogy.

Once again, Summers writes in a fairly simplistic and predictable manner.  The characters grow some, but much.  It is fun in that the story continues and Summers explores her union of fantastical and modern America in interesting ways.  She does do a nice job of throwing a twist or two into these two books that separate them from the previous trilogy.  This, to me, keeps the stories from becoming so predictable I put the books down.

It still is not a trilogy I would say is a must read for everyone.  It would certainly be higher on the list for a middle school girl.  Otherwise, I would chalk it up as an to the guilty pleasure list.

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