Sunday, October 13, 2013

Random Sunday – Chores, Shipping, and School

I feel pretty good.  I got quite a few chores done today.  It is a fleeting good feeling, though, because I know in a week many of them will be waiting for me to finish again.  Just like I commented on last week, the laundry tends to get out of control.  I tamed it again this week.  The dishes were almost as bad.  My hubby chipped in on the battle against them.  The floor got swept and mopped.  My son’s nails got clipped – and being he’s one this is quite a challenge.  But, in a week it won’t even look like I did much today.  For now I will bask in the feeling.

I was going to order some stuff online today.  I had several coupons for a favorite store I was going to use.  With the previously mentioned one year old son, online shopping often is much easier.  Today, though, I ran into a different issue.  I couldn't get two of the codes to work online.  Then, when I looked at the total, it was $14 to ship my order.  The only coupon I got working was the $10 off my order.  For $14, I think I’ll just go to the store and use the collection there.  My hubby even volunteered to go with and mind my son while I shop.

I've decided something.  Grad school isn't totally about what you learn.  I think part of it is whether or not you can survive it.  Holy crap is my latest class brutal.  We have to read like 200 pages, no kidding, per week, write 2 discussion responses per week, respond to at least 2 other posts per week, and research a 15-20 page paper before the 10 week quarter is over.  That 15-20 page paper has several required parts to submit before the final product is done.  If I were not working full time or didn't have my son, I think I would go nuts trying to finish this class.


  1. Yup... That's grad school. Welcome to my life :P

    1. Now throw in a full time job, a hubby and a 1 year old. I know I'm only going part time and you're full time, but this gets nuts some days!