Sunday, December 29, 2013

Random Sunday – Christmas Presents, Washing Machines, and Cold

I was making some Christmas presents today.  I know.  Christmas is already over.  But, I didn't get them done before Christmas and I wasn't seeing these people until today.  So, I was finishing them this morning.  Anyways, they required hot glue.  I had forgotten how annoying hot glue can be.  It sticks to your fingers if you’re not careful and burns them a little.  Then, it makes these little hair like strings that stick to EVERYTHING.  But, my little thread spool Christmas Trees came out cute.

Washing machines are really starting to annoy me as well.  (I swear, I’m a really nice person!)  Mine has now decided to be weird.  I know.  It’s 10 years old and has done a ton of laundry.  But now the agitator thing doesn't’t turn right; it turns, just not like it used to.  My hubby was going to try to fix it – while about 10 loads of laundry waited to be run through it.  Nice timing.  Thankfully he didn't get to taking it apart yet so I’m going to quick try to get the laundry done before then.

It has gotten really flippin’ cold around here.  On my way home at 8 pm tonight my car said it was -7 below zero Fahrenheit.  And it’s supposed to get colder out yet.  I don’t think it is supposed to be above zero Fahrenheit tomorrow.  Can I say, at this point, I hate the cold?  I’d move except the rest of my family is all crazy enough to live here.  My sister’s moving back from Hawai’i to live here.  Yes.  She is certifiable, too.

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