Monday, February 10, 2014

Random Sunday – Guilty, Teeth, and Spring

I have to confess.  I’m feeling rather guilty.  I am not making it back to some of the link-ups and writing prompts I participate in often enough to read other responses.  I try hard.  I really do.  And I feel bad when I don’t always make it over.  So, if I haven’t made it over to your blog in a while, I am sorry.  I promise I am working as hard as I can to read some of the other great responses to the prompts!

I think my son is getting a tooth again.  I thought we’d gotten through the worst of it.  He has 12 teeth already, including all 4 molars.  But, his poor fingers are really getting worked over again.  The bummer part is that his hand ends up getting so chapped from chewing on it in a Minnesota winter.  I hope he gets that tooth soon, or it warms up.  Nope – hoping for both.

Yeah.  This thought actually somewhat connects to that last thought.  I am tired of winter.  I think most people in this country can say that right now.  I mean, really.  Is anyone here in the US having a normal winter?  And I know elsewhere there are some weird winter things going on.  I don’t get to watch the news very often between work, grad school and an 18 month old, so I’m not entirely sure where all winter is messed up.  I just know I heard something on the news tonight about it being way warm in Sochi – warm enough the snow is melting and the skiers and snowboarders are really having a hard time.  But yeah.  I’m ready for winter to end.  Way to bloody cold here.


  1. I miss babies-teething and all. I have gotten over-involved in "following" blogs as well. I think we all try to read and sometimes comment, but we have to take time to write and take care of other things too. That is just like, no need to apologize! beebeesworld