Sunday, February 2, 2014

Random Sunday - Quilting, Flowers and Homework

I enlisted my mom’s aid this weekend.  I am trying to make a quick, simple, quilt to replace the one on my bed that is starting to get a little worn.  I don’t want that one to fall apart so I wanted to get this new one done.  But, as previously mentioned, I have an almost 18 month old son.  He likes to help.  Lots.  His help is not always very helpful for quilting.  Case in point: I had one strip of squares laid out and was working on laying out the next strip to be sewn to the first one.  It was in the way of his tractor.  So he had to move it.  Then he had to walk on it.  Then he was walking down the row of pins.  He got confined to Grandpa’s lap until I finished pinning it.  This is definitely a project I will need to ensure there is extra help around to keep an eye on my helper.

When I got home on Friday, my hubby gave me flowers.  I think he realized I was kinda freaking out last week.  It got to be a rough week at work.  There was a ton of stuff to do at home.  And I was behind on my homework for school.  I am still trying to decide if he was trying to make me feel better with the flowers or if it was preemptive self-defense.  Oh well.  I love them either way.

When I first started this current class, I thought the fact that I did not have a major project due by the end of the quarter was great.  I thought that dividing out some of the extra work throughout each week would be fine.  Boy was I wrong.  Holy cow do I have a ton of homework each week.  I keep hoping that I’ll get adjusted to it and be okay each week.  I’m almost half way through the quarter and still hoping.  Now I just want to survive to the end of the quarter.  And pass the class.

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