Sunday, July 13, 2014

Random Sunday – Hangers, Cleaning, and Dinner

When we’re home, Sundays have become days we do chores.  One such chore is laundry.  With this next statement, keep in mind we've been gone quite a bit and/or had major events (like my brother’s wedding) on weekends.  So, we finally caught up with laundry this weekend.  Only to discover that the hangers have disappeared.  Now the scary part to me is that they have not reappeared as odd socks.  Which makes me wonder what have all the hangers morphed into and when will I discover them?  Seriously.  I haven’t bought a whole bunch of new clothes that need hangers, so where have they gone?

I decided I was going to do a bunch of cleaning today.  Specifically, I wanted to get my office space cleaned up.  It had become a catch all for anything that couldn't be out in the “public” areas of my house.  Needless to say it got rather piled up on my desk.  But, I feel much better now because I am sitting at my desk working on this and the surface is pretty clean!  It’s also amazing what you find when you start cleaning like that.  But that’s another story.

I’m trying to figure out what goes through the mind of an almost 2 year old at dinner time.  For a discussion point, tonight’s dinner was corn and pork chops.  My son thought he was dying of starvation and was begging for his milk before supper.  Now, I might be mean, but I didn't give him any because I know if he drinks a bunch of milk before supper he won’t eat well.  So I got his corn ready, got him into his booster seat and he started chowing down on the corn.  Then, when my husband poured milk, my son was dying for milk again.  A bit of patience would do this child wonders.  He got his milk.  Then he ate a couple bites of the pork chop.  For no apparent reason, after that he wouldn't eat pork chop.  He’d spit it out every time we tried to get him to eat a bite – regardless of who put it in his mouth, including him.  He ate a good helping of corn instead.  When I had wiped his hands and face to let him down, he started eating the pork.  Can someone please explain?


  1. Who wouldnt like to know what ggoes througgh the mind of a 2 year old! They have their own seccret code, I think! beeebeesworld

    1. No kidding! I think I wonder what he's thinking at least three or four times a day because I just don't get what I see out of him.