Monday, January 4, 2016

Random Sunday – Chamomile Tea, Why, and Cars

I have always loved tea.  Can’t drink coffee.  Gives me horrid heart burn every time.  For whatever reason, tea – even black tea with lots of caffeine – doesn’t.  I am slowly learning another reason why I love tea.  I’ve always been told by my mom and my sister, who has a degree in holistic healing specializing in herbal supplements, that chamomile tea will help with muscle soreness.  Well, I’m trying to get into a little bit better shape now that I’m not eyeball deep in my master’s degree anymore.  Yeah.  I’m way more out of shape than I thought.  Chamomile tea is starting to be a life saver.  Try it.  Trust me.  It works.

I started this blog not long before my son was born.  He’s now three and a half.  And he’s hit one of those so very frustrating toddler stages.  Why?  Any parent out there knows exactly what I mean.  I even have a degree in child and adolescent development, so I really do get what’s going on with why.  Right now, though, there are days I swear he asks me why 487 times.  And those are days I work and only see him for a few hours while he’s awake.  It gets worse on weekends when I have the whole day with him.  While I love his curiosity, I can’t wait for him to outgrow this.  Or find someone to pay me a dime for every time he asks why.

Today wasn’t a good day for me and cars.  And I’m not sure my husband helped.  My car, which I have to say is probably my favorite car I’ve ever owned, decided to give me a “Reduced Engine Power” and “Service Stabilitrak” warning lights – while we were driving down the highway to my son’s doctor’s appointment.  My husband, in his infinite wisdom, googled the issue after we got home and I headed off to work.  He then checked everything over in my car and started it a few times.  All of the warning lights went off.  So he figured there’s nothing anyone can do and we should just keep driving my car without checking further.  I’m not sure who I’m currently more frustrated with on that score – my car or my husband.  Needless to say, we have an appointment with our regular mechanic tomorrow morning to have it checked on.

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