Saturday, February 27, 2016

Master Class: The Prank

I couldn't resist the "Deep Space Mutterings" prompt from Master Class this week.  Took me a while to come up with something as I didn't want to be to cliche or tropish with it.  I hope I accomplished this.  Let me know what you think and be sure to stop by the class to read other assignments.  Just click on the button below.

                She giggled.
                “What’s so funny?”
                “I pranked them people.”
                “Which people?” concern evident in his voice.
                “Them people who are always watching space.”
                “’Fina, what did you do?”
                “Oh relax.  I just pranked them.”
                “Adin.  You no fun!”
                “I’ll be even less fun if you don’t tell me what you did right now, Seraphina.”
                “I just made them people think stuff was coming from space.”
                “Like what?” Adin held his breath, praying for a miracle.
                “Just noises.  Mutterings.”
                “Deep space mutterings?”
                Seraphina grinned and nodded her head like a small child, her excitement turning her whole body into a bouncing ball of energy, almost literally.
                “Don’t you go non-comporeal on me.  Why did you do that?” inside Adin was glad it was as simple as this.  Seraphina’s pranks weren’t always this benign.
                Her shape solidified, “Because.  Them peoples is always looking out there.  Them never look here.”
                “But that’s the way we want it.  We don’t want them to know we exist.  Remember last time they found out?”
                Some of the light went out of Seraphina, “Yeah.  But I said I is sorry for that.”
                “It wasn’t your fault.  You didn’t know what would happen.”
                Adin pulled Seraphina to him in a tight embrace.  He knew, despite the fact she’d been alive for centuries according to Earth’s revolutions around Sol, that Seraphina was still a child.  It would be like holding a human toddler responsible for his actions.  And, she was his.  Not as in he owned her.  As in she was his charge.  His foster daughter.  Albeit, one who will someday grow into immense power.
                Seraphina squirmed.  Adin let her go.
                “Is I in trouble?”
                “No ‘Fina.  You’re not.  I checked on the people at the observatory.  They’re pretty excited thinking your prank is something real, but there’s no harm done.”
                “Oh good.  Now me is hungry.”
                 Adin groaned.  Seraphina hungry was a frightening sight, even for him.

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