Monday, February 22, 2016

The Registry

I know my assignment for Master Class is a little late this week.  I had it written in a journal, but then between a cranky 3 year old and a house that looks like a bomb went off in it, I didn't get a chance to get it posted on time.  Anyways, here's my take on the "Chartered Legacy" prompt.  Be sure to check out other great responses through the button below.

                “Chartered legacy?  Contracted birthright?  Bonded endowment?  What is this world coming to?”
                “Don’t worry about it, Henry.  We don’t need to worry about things like that for the baby.  He will inherit the old way, with no threat to his birthright.”
                “That’s not the point, Gina.  Why should anyone have to spend thousands to make sure their children will be cared for?  Just because we are a part of the Genetic Registry shouldn’t mean we get that protection.  We’ve simply gotten lucky.”
                “Lucky?  Henry!  We paid our dues as did our parents and grandparents.  That we received the protection afforded by the Genetic Registry is our right for our service.”
                “And how many never got the chance to serve, thus earning that privilege?”
                Gina didn’t answer.
                “That’s my point.  We got lucky because of our parents and grandparents.  We are not really that different than the masses out beyond the border.”
                “We’re genetically pure.”
                “Pure what?  There hasn’t been a truly pure human in over two hundred years.”
                “Pure by The Trust’s standards”
                “Gina.  They’ve changed that bar at least three times in the relatively short history of The Trust.”
                “What?  What do you mean?”
                “The Trust has changed what it means to be genetically pure at least three times that I know of since it was founded one hundred years ago, when the last true human died.”
                “Why would they do that?”
                “Because by the original standard, no one alive today would qualify as genetically pure.”
                “But, I thought the Genetic Registry was supposed to be protecting that.  That’s what it says right on the paperwork you sign when you’re accepted in to the Registry.”
                “I know.  And I’m starting to believe the Registry is for another purpose entirely.”
                “Like what?  The Trust will jail you for talking like this.”
                “For the sake of our son, I have to, Gina.  We need to know the reason for the Registry.  The real one.”

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