Saturday, March 5, 2016

Studio 30 Plus: Layers of Mystery

Studio 30 Plus gave us provenance and/or origin this week.  I went back to my Weather Riders serial for this.  Here are the previous parts of the story.  As always, please let me know what you think and be sure to stop by Studio 30 Plus to see other great writers answer the prompt.

                Even after I woke up in the back of that sedan, it took me a while to figure out what had happened.
                I’d answered my door.  That jerk of a stranger did something.  I’m not sure what.  All I remember is he made some weird gestures, only for a second or two and it was like I went on vacation from my body.  He took my hand and had just walked me out.
                “I see you have regained consciousness.”
                I tried to sit up, but couldn’t, and I wasn’t sure why.
                “Your incapacitation is temporary.  In a few minutes, now that you are awake, it will pass.”
                “Who are you and what the hell are you doing with me?”
                “Ah, ah.  Do not use your power in this vehicle.  It would have deadly consequences for both of us.”
                I hesitated.  I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.  I took a breath and tried again.
                “Who are you?  Why did you kidnap me?”
                “The correct term is abduct.  I do not intend to force matrimony upon you.  You may call me Edward.”
                “Okay, Edward.  What are you intending to do with me?” I was starting to be able to move, though I still felt weak.
                “I must beg your forgiveness for my actions, but I must secure your assistance and I could not risk you refusing me aid.”
                “With what?” I levered myself up to sit relatively straight.
                “That is a more complicated answer than time currently allows.  Suffice it to say, the origin of your question is well understood and the answer has much to do with your own history.”
                “So that gave you the right to kidnap,” I saw his body tense as he readied to correct me, “Abduct me?”
                I wish there had been an alternative, but time is precious and I had none to sacrifice convincing you of my need.”
                “Let me clue you, Edward.  This is not endearing you to me or convincing me to help you.”
                “Please.  Let us renegotiate once we arrive at our destination.”
                “We didn’t negotiate to begin with.  Where are we going?”
                “Believe me.  I am aware of this and I beg for your patience.  Please.  All will be made clear once we arrive and you will understand.”
                I tried the door.  Child locks.  It looked like I had no choice but to see where this ride took me.  Literally.

And - there's still a little time to write for the #DontPanicPicturePrompt this week!


  1. I love how you write dialogue, it flows so naturally! Going to have to check out the other pieces to this!!