Sunday, April 24, 2016

Random Sunday - Musicals, Thunderstorms, and Mud

My son was in a musical for church this Sunday.  Now, keep in mind, he’s three years old.  What I found particularly cute and funny was his performance.  He’d been practicing his part of the musical for several weeks now.  Instead of going through it like I know he can, he stood up there goofing around instead.  Not naughty, just looking around and waving and taking his shoes off and starting to pull one arm out of the sleeve of his shirt and the like.  It was great humor even though my son was the only one up there doing it.

I love the rain.  I woke up early this morning to the sound of thunder rumbling around and it was perfect.  Not the dangerous storms where damage and harm are done.  This was the kind of storm that you think of when you think spring showers.  I love these storms where the thunder bounces around the clouds and echoes in my body.  The lightning stays up in the clouds and illuminates the contours of the darkened clouds.  These are my favorite storms and what I got to wake up to this morning.

I had an interesting adventure this weekend.  My family and I love to go hiking and such in the state parks.  Well, we went to Moose Lake State Park and did the Rolling Hills trail.  Because it’s about a two-mile hike, we brought my son’s jogging stroller along so he didn’t have to actually hike the whole thing along with us.  I discovered that there were some low spots in the aptly named Rolling Hills Trail.  These low spots also happened to be where there were a number of trees with roots now exposed due to the water and mud.  This does not make for a good combination with a stroller.  Several times it took two of us to get my son and his stroller through those spots.  I felt bad putting his stroller back in my aunt’s brand new minivan.  At least the mud had mostly dried by then.


  1. I love those kinds of storms, too! And your description was awesomely written!!