Monday, May 2, 2016

Random Sunday: Home Improvement Projects, Sprinklers, and Naps

So I'm a little late with this because I wrote it in my journal, but then fell asleep before I could actually post it yesterday.  Without further excused or adieu, here's Random Sunday.

                There is this rule with home improvement projects.  Those of you who do not own a house may not understand this.  Trust me, though.  It’s true.  No project can be completed without at least two trips to the local hardware/home improvement store.  Yeah.  Today was no different.  Two trips to get enough materials to complete the edging for one of my new flower beds.  I still need to get better soil to add as I live on a sand plain.  Literally.  This project met that rule.  Can’t wait to see how many trips it takes for the next flower bed.
Somewhat related – I was messing with my lawn tractor water sprinkler today.  You know, the kind that slowly walks itself down the length of the hose while it waters.  I’d been having issues with mine.  Figured out today that it was because I’d aimed the spinney arms wrong when I put it back together after we’d moved last summer.  I felt kinda stupid when I figured that out.  Especially when it was illustrated on the sprinkler how to put it together so it worked right.  Yep.  Works well once I fixed that.
Naps.  I love them and I hate them.  My son is hitting an age where I can’t win.  He gets cranky and tired fairly early if I let him skip his nap.  If I force the issue, he’s a pain to get to go to sleep at night.  Why does it seem like such a Herculean task to regulate one three-year-old’s sleep?


  1. Nap transitions are the WORST. Hang in there!!

    1. I am so glad it's not just me who thinks that. I don't really want him to grow up, but I'd LOVE it if he'd grow out of this!