Sunday, May 22, 2016

Random Sunday: Nagging, Tomatoes, and Yoga

Have you ever had one of those days where it seems like everything is nagging at you?  Today was one of those days for me.  Not that it was a bad day today.  It just felt like I couldn’t keep up.  From trying to get out the door to church this morning to cramming in last minute stuff before crashing tonight.  Even Mickey Mouse tapping his foot on my watch feels like he’s going “Come on, come on.  Hurry up”.  And when I start feeling pressured from a digital image of a cartoon mouse tapping his foot, I gotta take a lesson from that.  The only question that remains is, what lesson should I take?

Tomatoes.  I love attempting to grow tomatoes.  The problem is we moved the end of June last year.  Add to it I was still finishing the last of my Master’s, I didn’t get a chance to try to grow any last year.  Plus, we don’t really have a yard for a garden or anything now.  So, we are attempting to do container tomatoes on the deck.  My son and I planted the seedlings today.  He had a blast watering them with his new Mickey Mouse (here’s the flippin’ mouse again!) watering can.  The poor kid has no clue how much water is needed to water plants, but he loved it.  I’ll let you know if we succeed in getting tomatoes.

It was a first tonight!  I have been working on my certification for teaching Yoga Calm to children.  In the process of working on it at home, my son has discovered yoga and loves to practice with me.  Yes.  He does have the typical three-year-old attention span so we don’t get very far half the time, but he keeps coming back for more.  Well, today we were showing my mom and my husband the latest pose I’d taught my son.  We got my mom to give it a try.  Then, a little later at home, my husband was even trying the pose!  I’d love to see if they’d be willing to continue since yoga is so good for you.


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    1. I know, right? And he is so happy when he gets to do yoga with me that I can't resist.