Wednesday, May 4, 2016

#TuesFlashFicTrain: To be Rescued or Not to be Rescued

I've been slacking a little with the #TuesFlashFicTrain prompt lately.  So I made a point to hop back on board.  Let me know what you think of my ending for Gloria's story.  Follow the link to read the rest of her story.

                Now what? Gloria thought.  She surveyed the items she’d grabbed from storage, wracking her brain for any possible options.  With the solitude shield, though, there weren’t many.
                Come on, Glo!  Think outside the box!
                She watched Tom get a self-satisfied grin on his face.  He pushed the door open and ushered Manny through.  She slipped through the closing door behind the men just in time, feeling the solitude shield catch in the door a little before sliding free.  Gloria followed Manny and Tom down the corridor.  Just as she’d predicted, they stopped at the locked Security Office door.
                Gloria knew she had a little time now.  That door was protected by spells and conventional locks.  She thought about just throwing off the shield and casting the paralysis spell.  The saner part of her reminded the part that thought that was a good idea Manny would beat her to the punch.  And he wouldn’t be nice about it either.
                Faster than she’d expected, they got the door open.  Once again, she trailed behind them just close enough to get through without them noticing.  They started to rummage through the office.  Gloria thought it was odd that the office wasn’t staffed.  That was a twenty-four-hour position.
                Harvey!  That rat!
                Then it came to her.  Don’t use magic.  At least not how she’d been thinking about it.  She made her way to the recycling bin next to the fax machine and crouched down, making sure to drape the solitude shield over the can.  Then she crumpled up several sheets of paper from the can into balls.  One by one she lit them on fire and tossed them into the room.
                With their backs to where Gloria was hidden, the men didn’t see the slight movements that revealed her.  All they saw was balls of fire come flying out of nowhere at them.  Manny started a stunning spell as he scanned the room for the attacker.  Tom hid behind Manny.
                Just before Manny finished his spell, the smoke from the burning paper set of the building’s sprinkler system.  Gloria prayed the solitude shield was waterproof so it wouldn’t give her away.
                The door flew open.  Harvey and Mike, the security officer burst into the room.  Harvey threw a powder at Manny with a final flourish.  Manny went down hard.  Mike did the same for Tom.
               “Come out Gloria.  You’re safe now,” Harvey said.

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