Monday, June 6, 2016

Random Sunday: Incognito, Grass, and Training

I know.  I have been off the grid for the most part for a while.  I have been working on a couple of projects that had back to back deadlines.  I cut those deadlines close but both stories were turned in on time.  Now it is time to wait and see if they make the cut to be published.  I will probably celebrate enough that a blog post will not be necessary if they do get published (I promise, I will post about it if either of them are selected for publication, including all the details of where and when they will be out).

My son was so funny this weekend.  We went camping, which he loves to do.  He was having issues this weekend with the wet grass on his hands, particularly when he tripped and needed to pick himself back up again.  Yet, he loved to pick up the various caterpillars we saw throughout the weekend.  He also held a leopard frog and a dragonfly over the weekend.  He loves water, so the wetness of the grass should not have been the issue.  So, what is it?  Maybe it is the prickliness of the grass?  Or the dirt?

I have to say, I actually enjoyed the quarterly staff training I sat in today more so than I have in the past two years.  I love my supervisor, who is running the training.  It is much more comical than previous ones.  He acts out the sarcastic responses to the different policies, such as staff safety, client searches, etc.  Then again, my supervisor cannot not do these kinds of things.  Which made the training on confidentiality, HIPPAA, mandated reporting, and the like a little more interesting since we have to sit through them pretty much every quarterly training.

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