Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Write On Edge Prompt: Conjuring

So, this week's prompt was to write a description.  But, rather than just telling what you are describing, you were to show what it was through words.  You had 100 words in which to describe the object/emotion/etc you chose.  It didn't expressly say you couldn't name what it was you were describing but I chose to make sure I did not name my object.  I wanted to see how much I could push myself with my description.  I figured if I could do a good enough job describing it I wouldn't have to tell you what it was I was describing.  So, here it is!  By the way, it's 99 words long.

                As she walked toward it, she noticed its wildness didn’t fit the cultivated orderliness around it.  It was simple but beautiful.  Rich, vivid greens were crowned in soft, creamy whites.  The small drops of yellow at the centers reminded her of the sun.  It was small, coming only to her knee.

                But there was something else that drew her to it, something mesmerizing and powerful.  It was only as she drew near, stepping off of the graveled path, that she noticed the danger.  Hidden deep within the green lushness, it too guarded against those who wished claim its beauty.


  1. Hmmmm. Is it a rose bush?

    I'm bummed that I didn't get around to doing this prompt. You did a really good job of it, though!

  2. Hmm something nature-y and beautiful and tempting? You must reveal! :)

  3. I love roses. I have grabbed thorns plenty of times in my rush to draw them closer. Great job!

  4. Oh, white roses... especially something wild amongst something more orderly.


  5. I was writing specifically about white wild roses. Thanks for all the great comments!