Friday, October 7, 2011

Write On Edge Prompt: Setting Description

This prompt was to " use your words to paint the setting as vividly as possible. In 200 words."  Here's my take...

                He stepped into the grove.  The trees soared so high they made a mockery of downtown skyscrapers.  The rich, earthy smell reminded him of the forest back home just after the rain.  Birds in impossibly bright rainbow colors flitted between the lower branches several stories above his head.    The smallest branches were as big as full grown oaks.  The birds’ songs created a cacophony of sound.

                He moved among the cinnamon hued trunks that felt more like buildings.  Heart shaped leaves, each the size of an average car tire, seemed strangely small on those trees.  A soft breeze whispered through the leaves bringing him the scent of fresh water.  A low rumble reached him.  He felt it more than heard it.  Winding his way through those massive trunks, he reached the edge of a cliff.

                At his feet it dropped a canyon that made even those massive trees look tiny.  Directly across from him was the source of the subsonic rumble – a waterfall.  It started even with where he stood and plunged into the depths of the canyon, its bottom lost in the mists.  The sun created rainbows in the mists that drifted across the canyon to dampen his skin.


  1. I love the way you ended with the mist dampening his skin. I could feel that on my own skin. Nice job.

  2. I love the smell of a forest after a rain - but here's a place that's begging for more description . . . you only know it if you know it.

    Still, though, having "known" what you describe, I'm right there with this - this piece takes me to some of my favorite nature memories. Thank you.

  3. What a fantastic forest to be in. It feels so massive and powerful. I love your ending with the mist as well.

  4. This is breath taking! You had me at "cinnamon hued" but I so adore words like soared, earthy, and rumble.

    This was poetic and lovely!

  5. You had me at: "The trees soared so high they made a mockery of downtown skyscrapers. "

    Thanks for sharing, what a great job and what an amazing forest to be in. Breath taking, I loved this.

  6. Very evocative. I, too, liked the end -- where he stepped from enclosure into space.