Monday, January 16, 2012

Definitely feeling the Panic

Yep.  Definitely. Panic setting in.  Why you ask?  Because I've just submitted a new short story to an online magazine.  It is the first time EVER I have submitted a work for publication.  Sure, I have the Smashwords publication of my NaNo novel, but that doesn't really count the same.  There isn't the same critiquing process, the same wait to see if it's good enough, dread that it isn't good enough.  Maybe this is why I'm not destined to be a hugely famous author.  I don't have the patience for my work to be reviewed for inclusion in a magazine or to see if it's good enough to publish.  Then again, if I were uber famous, I probably wouldn't have to work so hard or be so nervous about the whole process.

OK.  Time to quit.  I think I 'm starting to ramble.  I'll keep ya'll updated as to what happens.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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