Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This is the rough idea of where the fantasy story I posted on Sunday is headed.  While the story isn't finished yet, I've had the ending in my head for quite a while.  The Don't Panic Picture Prompt this week became a possible setting for this scene which, in the larger story, would play a significant role.  Let me know what you think!

Tyrhan stood on the old dock at Resan Lake, those last few days replaying in his head over and over.  The battle with Amnor was over.  His dark reign was crushed once more.  The Renashi were turned back.  But none of that mattered.

The foggy beauty of the lush trees surrounding the lake didn’t even register.  He’d failed.  Tyrhan promised Saylen he’d bring the man’s daughter home.  And she was gone.

Tyrhan understood Mesara’s task was dangerous.  It never crossed his mind that he’d lose her.  She’d become the Wildrose.  It had been his duty to protect and serve her as a Guardian.  And he failed.

Laris rubbed his head against Tyrhan’s hip.  Tyrhan absentmindedly scratched the cat’s ears.  After a few moments, Laris butted his leg several times.  Tyrhan knelt down to meet the thar’s gaze, tears in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, my friend.  She’s gone,” he whispered.

Images flashed through Tyrhan’s head.  He knew Laris was trying to tell him something but the scenes weren’t clear.  Sighing, Tyrhan got up to stare out at the lake again.  He heard footsteps on the dock behind him.

“Tyrhan.  This isn’t your fault.”

“How can you of all people say that?” bitterness welled up in Tyrhan’s voice.

“Because I’m her father I can.  I may have missed most of her life, but I knew the kind of person Mesara was.  This was her role, her duty.  She wouldn’t have shirked that.  Certainly not if it meant saving the lives of those she loved.”

That one word triggered the most crushing memory of that day.  Closing his eyes, Tyrhan could see her in the cave.  She’d glanced once at him, mouthed to him the words he’d longed for.

I love you.

Then she dropped her sword and let Amnor run her through.

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