Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crossing An Old Line

When I read the prompt about taboo from Write On Edge, I actually came up with two different scenes.  The first is the one I posted on Friday.  The second is a scene from a longer piece I'm still working on.  After thinking about it some, I decided I'd post the second one here since it would have blown the word count all to pieces and I couldn't figure out how to cut it down.

Here it is.  Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

 “We cannot allow you access to the Wildrose.  It is our most guarded treasure.  No stranger has looked upon it.  We cannot allow that to be violated,” decreed Lord Karna.

“Try and stop me,” Mesara spun on her heels and left the council chambers.

The guards at the door were too stunned at her behavior to even put up a token protest.  Tyrhan stood for a moment letting Mesara’s words sink in with the council.

“Lady, Lords.  I ask you to tread lightly here.  I am a Guardian.  I serve the Wildrose first.  I can verify what Lady Mesara has said.  The Wildrose has called her and given her instructions on a number of occasions already.  It would be unwise to attempt to bar Mesara from answering that call.”

“That is enough fairy tales and make believe, Lord Tyrhan!  As the chair of this council I am ordering you to follow this command.  You will bar that child from the Wildrose.  You will, under no circumstances, allow anyone not sanctioned by this council into that garden.  Am I clear?” presumption was thick in Lady Risa’s voice.

“As I said, Lady Risa, I serve the Wildrose first.  The first elven council decreed that when a council directive conflicts with the desires of the Wildrose, a Guardian must first serve the Wildrose.  Only once her wishes are met can a Guardian attempt to follow council directive.”

“She is a half-breed child.  She has no business with the Wildrose.  I don’t care what any prior council said.  You will follow my orders!” Lady Risa was almost shouting at this point.

Tyrhan stood, fists clenched, teeth gritted for several seconds before responding softly, “Lady Risa, it is unbecoming of the chair of this council to behave this way, particularly toward your own granddaughter.  As a Guardian, I speak for the Wildrose.  She has called your granddaughter.  I know part of why it was your granddaughter who was chosen.  Lady Mesara has the Earth Magick.  It is strong with her, stronger than anyone in living memory and, perhaps, stronger than any who have ever possessed it.  It is the Magick that has forged a connection between Mesara and the Wildrose.  There is nothing in all of Mharakhan that will stop the Wildrose from bringing Mesara to her.  Do not interfere.  I would hate to be forced to choose between my service to the Wildrose and my service to this council, for I know which one I would give up without another thought.”

He left the council chamber in a graceful, controlled, cold fury.  He couldn’t believe Lady Risa was still as blind now as she was with Kierana and Saylen.  He went to find Mesara to make sure she was alright.  He heard shouting behind him but that didn’t matter to him at that moment.  Tyrhan would live to regret not stopping to listen to what was being said.

He went directly to the Garden of the Wildrose but she wasn’t there.  Tyrhan went back to check her rooms.  There, a serving woman told him he just missed her and that she was headed toward the garden the last she saw.  As Tyrhan left the guest quarters, Laris sprinted by him.  Tyrhan followed the cat at a dead run as well, but, unlike the mountain thar, Tyrhan stopped short at the outer edge of the garden.  He could see several bodies wrapped tightly in the branches of the holly bushes that marked the border to the garden.  Droplets of blood splashed the grass near their feet.  Emerald green branches waived like feelers looking for bodies to grab.  Farther in, he saw Lady Risa and the serving woman, Darienne, caught fast by the grass which had grown to almost completely envelop them.  Mesara was kneeling next to the Wildrose while Laris settled in on her other side.  He could almost see the Magick swirling about her it was so strong.

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  1. I would like to read this story further.

    1. Thanks! My goal is eventually to finish it and put it on Smashwords. We'll see how long that takes...

  2. I liked this. It is interesting and attention-grabbing.