Thursday, August 23, 2012

He's Here!

He's finally here! My son was born last week. It ended up a much more stressful event than what I anticipated. While I'm not going to go into detail right now, let me just say that the whole delivery was more complicated than anticipated for starters. Then, due to how small he was when he was born dispite only being 5 days shy of his due date, my son ended up in the level 2 nursery - not quite NICU but more intense than the regular nursery. To sum up a long story there (which I may blog more about later), he's doing quite well now. The little guy's biggest issues was just that - he had a low birth weight. He and I are home and doing well. Since then things have been an adventure. From multiple middle of the night changes of clothes due to wet diapers leaking, 4 AM wake up calls where he decided it was a great idea to stay up at that point, to a minor skin infection right near my c-section incision, things haven't been dull. I hope once he, my husband and I settle into a routine I will get back to blogging fairly regularly. I figured between feedings and diaper changes I'd quick post something to let ya'll know I am still around!

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