Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And Now the Explanation

First things first - If I have done this correctly, this post should automatically post on 7/10/2013.  If it did - yay me!  If not, I haven't managed to figure out how to write a post ahead of time and schedule it for later.  That will complicate my life more.

So, now, assuming I did everything right, here's the explanation for yesterday's Ode to a Neglected Blog.

My son is now 11 months old.  He crawls like crazy everywhere.  I estimated that in one day he crawls more than a mile.  Yep.  He's very busy.  That means I am too.  Here's the other kicker with him.  My father has taught him to LOVE computers, iPads, phones - in short, anything tech.  That means no using computers when he's around.  Yesterday he managed to peel two keys off my laptop keyboard.  I didn't even know those keys came off until then.

I also lost my job late last month.  The hospital I worked for decided they were not going to continue to have my program.  So, I got laid off.  Luckily, though, I did get a job right away.  The best part is that I don't start the new job until the end of July.  So, for the month of July, I get to have time off, get paid my severance from the hospital, and be able to relax knowing I have a job to start later.  But that also means I have been working overtime to subdue the laundry and dishes that were about to stage a walk out in protest of their neglect.

The last major thing that has been keeping me away from my blog and the writing prompts is that I also started grad school about 3 weeks before I got laid off.  Thankfully, it is all online.  That means I don't have to spend the time commuting to classes.  But it also means I tend to have a little more leg work on my own to do at home.

So, in a nutshell, that's my life right now.  I am working on developing some new habits to squeeze in more personal writing time and not neglect this blog quite so badly.  Wish me luck and hope to see you around a little more in the near future!

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