Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random Sunday: The Color Run and Other Things

While I am sitting here distracted and not doing my schoolwork, I figured I’d write a few blog posts.  That way I can schedule them to go up throughout the week and it doesn't look like I’m neglecting my poor blog as much.

I ran in The Color Run today.  It’s a 5K run where they throw colored powder at you at various points along the way.  It was a blast.  If I could find runs and things like this to do on a regular basis, staying in shape would not be nearly as much of an issue.

While my husband and I were at The Color Run, my dad took my son to Sea Life Aquarium at the Mall of America.  I would have loved to see my son’s face.  He’s 11 months old and is totally in love with tropical fish.  The bummer is that he didn't take a good afternoon nap.  Thankfully, bedtime ended up early tonight as he crashed.

Is it just me or does housework feel like a continual losing battle, one that never ends?  I did the dishes so there was not one dish in the house dirty the day before yesterday.  We were gone all day yesterday so the only dishes we had were like three plates in the evening.  Tonight, I’d swear they multiplied or called all their friends over for a party or something because the whole sink and part of the counter are full.  I don’t even remember using most of them!

What has your Sunday been like?

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