Sunday, September 8, 2013

Random Sunday – The Weather, Exhaustion and Zucchini

Yep.  You read that title right.  This week’s Random Sunday will hit on the weather, exhaustion, and zucchini.  So, hold on to your hats cuz here we go!

I’ve decided this just isn’t fair.  Today the high was about 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  Tomorrow it is supposed to hit 100 degrees.  Come on, people!  It’s September!  A – we’re not supposed to have 100 degree weather in September.  B – who ever said the high was allowed to swing that drastically in one day!  I just hope the air conditioning in all of the various locations I need to be in tomorrow holds out.

Wow.  I’m tired.  I’m wrapping up another class for grad school this week.  That involves a fifteen to twenty page paper.  I’m not done with it yet and it needs to be turned in by Friday.  Trying to finish that, keep up with my one year old son, and manage the rest of the daily household chores is about killing me this week.  I just gotta make it ‘til Friday.  Then I’ll get a break for a few weeks.

And here’s the zucchini.  I was grating zucchini tonight.  The plan is to be able to make zucchini bread as soon as it is cool enough to actually be willing to turn the oven on.  In the process of grating it, I’ve discovered zucchini will dry into an odd skin on one’s own skin.  It feels rather odd and I’ve washed my hands several times trying to get it off.

And there you have it.  The weather, exhaustion, and zucchini all in one post.  Now I’m off to wash my hands.  Again.

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