Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Space Between

I really enjoyed the prompt from Write at the Merge this week.  While the music itself wasn't connected to my writing, the idea of the space between was what got the wheels turning.  This is another excerpt out of a long, and yet unfinished, work.  Any concrit, as always, is much appreciated.

Mesara slipped to the ground.  Her dark hair created an inky shadow across her face.  Tyrhan, across the cavern and still engaged with one of the Renashi, caught her collapse through the fighting.  The stellar nimbus surrounding her was gone.  Fear strangled his heart.

Tyrhan maneuvered the Renashi into giving him an opening.  He dispatched the Renashi with a quick thrust to the chest.  Tyrhan used his momentum to push the body out of his way.  He needed to find Meathar and get them both to Mesara.  Most of the Renashi were fleeing now.  Tyrhan hoped that meant Mesara and Meathar were able to defeat Amnor, but finding out didn’t matter that much at the moment.  Making sure Saylen’s children were still alive did.

Meathar had been between Tyrhan and Mesara when the fight began.  As Tyrhan pushed his way through the remnants of the fleeing Renashi, using his sword to clear a path as needed, he found Meathar covered in blood.

“I’m all right.  It’s Amnor’s.”

“Mesara’s down,” Tyrhan reached down to pull the younger man to his feet.

As Meathar got to his feet he froze, “Look up.”

The Wildrose vines that had been raining from the ceiling were gone.  Vanished as if they never existed.  The two men locked looks for a moment.  No words were needed.  As one they turned and sprinted to Mesara’s side.

Meathar pulled his sister into his lap, cradling her to him, “Come on, ‘Sara.  Wake up.”

Tyrhan searched for a wound but found nothing.

Several tense seconds passed.  Then, Mesara reached up to touch Meathar’s face.

“I’m sorry.”

Her eyes still closed, she stretched her other arm out to take Tyrhan’s hand.

“I’m so sorry.”

Then she went limp.

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