Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Random Sunday - Tuesday, Allergies, and Hay Rides

Okay.  I know.  It’s Tuesday.  But, it was nuts on Sunday.  To be honest, I’m struggling some to even remember what all happened on Sunday that meant I didn’t get a chance to post this.  I really don’t remember either.  I know we went to church in the morning.  Then my son and I were at an event for the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War.  I went grocery shopping after that.  I think maybe by the time I got to having time to post this I was just plain wiped out.
I am so happy.  My doctor gave me a new med for my allergies.  This year has been just brutal.  I don’t normally have bad allergies, except, like I said, this year has been awful.  But, the new med my doctor gave me has been helping significantly.  As in I get to sleep through the night and not wake up sneezing and unable to breathe.

It was so funny this weekend.  We took my one year old son out to a fall festival.  Free hay rides were a part of that (again, very thankful for that new allergy med).  We took my son on one because he LOVES cars and tractors and trucks and such.  He stood up at the front of the wagon right behind the tractor and watched with eyes as big as saucers.  When the hay ride was over there was no one else in line so the driver turned the tractor off.  My son started to cry a little because he didn’t want the ride to be done!  We appeased him by letting him sit on another (stationary) tractor.  Problem solved.

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