Thursday, November 7, 2013

An Old Acquaintance

Write at the Merge gave us Guns N' Roses November Rain and Shakespeare's quote "The third day comes a frost, a killing frost."

This is the current scene I'm working on in a short story for NaNo.  It was originally suppose to be a Precipice submission earlier this year, but that obviously didn't happen.  Oh well.  As always, any concrit is much appreciated.

The light in the windows faded into a dirty orangish glow that was rather fitting for a mid-November evening before disappearing entirely.  The faint twinkle of stars fell short of the warehouse floor.  The temperature started to drop.  I was getting cold.  It wasn’t the frosty cold from Minnesota that I was used to.  But it was cold enough I was starting to shiver.

I sensed the movement more than saw it gliding out of the darkness.  My jaw dropped when I realized I knew this werewolf.

“What the hell are you doing, Lawrence?”

“How many times did I tell you, little druid, that I needed you?”

He had said that on numerous occasions before Kris kicked him out about a year ago.  I just figured he had a thing for me.  And, seeing as there were way more males than females in the pack, some of the males would try to seduce a female away from which ever male she was with.

“This is one hell of a way to win a girl’s heart.”

“It isn’t your heart I want.  Not anymore.”

At least I hadn’t been far off the mark back when he was still with Kris.

“I’m not giving you a blood sacrifice.  What you’re asking for is wrong and you know it.  That ritual won’t give you the kind of power you’re looking for.”

“There is only one kind of power.  And I need it.  Kris is wrong.  We can’t keep living among the humans.  Not anymore.  Not when there are so many more than there ever used to be.  We should be ruling them, not hiding.”

“That ritual will corrupt you.  It will eat you alive.  I will not be a party to your destruction despite you 
kidnapping me.”

“You’re wrong.  I can control it.”

“No one can.  That is why it is a forbidden ritual.  It never should have existed, much less survived this long.  Lawrence, let me go.  I’ll talk to Kris.  See if you can come back.  The others can come, too.”

“He’ll never let me back.  Not after abducting you.”

“For me, he will.”

“The ritual begins the day after tomorrow at sunset.”

Lawrence turned to walk away.

“That ritual will kill me, Lawrence.  You know that, right?”

He froze, “I know.”

Then he left me to shiver in the empty loneliness of the warehouse.

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  1. I'm shivering too from this scene. And interested in reading more. Hope you're enjoying NaNo!

  2. what suspense! I cant wait to read on....