Sunday, November 10, 2013

Random Sunday – Pumpkin Pie, Walking, and Snow

I got homemade pumpkin pie this weekend.  I love homemade pumpkin pie.  I’m talking the kind where you start with a real pumpkin.  Not pumpkin out of a can.  I don’t get it very often for a couple reasons.  I don’t have fresh pumpkin all that often.  I also don’t have the kind of time to clean a pumpkin and cook it down before even starting the pie.  So, I love the chances to have the real pumpkin pie.

My son walks now.  He’s still practicing it so he falls fairly often and still crawls quite a bit.  But, he has been walking so much more in the last two days than he has ever before.  He was even playing a silly game where he walked between me and my mom.  Every time he got to one of us, he would get a hug, turn around, and go to the other one.  He went back and forth like that until he was just sweating and puffing.  He finally quit when he just plain couldn't keep walking like that.

It snowed this weekend up where we’re at hunting.  We got about an inch of snow.  We took my son out into it.  He has never gotten a chance to play in the snow before.  He was too little last year to play in the snow.  He had no idea what was going on.  The snow was pretty cool until he accidentally pulled a mitten off and then stuck his bare hand in the snow.  Then it was all over.  He doesn't like to be cold and that snow was WAY too cold.

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