Sunday, November 3, 2013

Random Sunday – Daylight Savings Time, Thanksgiving, and Purses

I have decided.  I don’t like Daylight Savings Time.  I like having more daylight in the afternoon after I’m off work.  That way I can still do stuff.  Besides, switching the time around messes with my sleep schedule.  And that’s off enough considering I have a one year old who is getting molars right now.

I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving.  I took all my Halloween stuff down and traded it for the Thanksgiving decorations.  It just seems way too fast that we’re at this time of year again.  I am thankful for many things and I love this holiday.  I think it gets overlooked when retail stores go straight to Christmas this time of year.

I have discovered something.  It was something I already knew but relearned it again over the last week.  I hate shopping for purses.  I don’t like big purses.  I like purses that zip shut.  I also have discovered I like purses that do not have any outside pockets.  The last is because my son has been into stealing things out of my purse lately.  Do you know how hard it is to find a purse that fits all of those criteria and isn’t God awful ugly as well?  Trust me, they’re a rare breed.