Sunday, May 4, 2014

Random Sunday - Hiatus, Worms and Vacation

Yes!  I’m back!  I know I've been on quite the hiatus these last few months.  In my defense, I've still been working on Grad School – which got rather intense there for a while, my son is turning into a VERY busy toddler, and I had a couple family emergency issues.  That’s on top of the mess things turned into at work for a few weeks.  But, I think the dust has settled and things are calming down, at least a little.  So, I’m hoping to get back in the habit of writing some each week.

Now that it’s spring (sort of) here in MN, my son has been playing outside quite a bit more.  He’s discovered worms.  What’s funny is that he likes finding the worms.  But he won’t touch them.  He doesn't really even want anyone else to touch them.  But he loves to find them.  He keeps looking for them just about every time we go out right now.

I am so looking forward to my vacation coming up.  With everything that’s been going on over the last few months, I need it.  And, considering the last real vacation I was on was before I was pregnant with my son – I’m well overdue.  Maternity leaves and layoff time does not count as vacation.  This vacation will certainly be an interesting one, too.  There will be four generations all together along.  My grandparents are going, as is my son.  I think I may need Family Circus uniforms made for this.  Regardless of what else happens, it will be interesting.


  1. You are right "maternity leave" is not a vacation-have a nice summer! beebeesworld

    1. I would argue, and I know some mothers would agree with me, that saying maternity leave is not a vacation is a rather drastic understatement! Thanks for stopping by!