Sunday, June 22, 2014

Random Sunday – Dust Pans, Toys, and Headaches

What is it about dust pans that attract toddlers?  Case in point – I was trying to sweep my kitchen and dining room floor today before my mother-in-law got here for lunch.  And, where is my son?  He stole the dust pan and was following me around trying to pick up the dirt off the floor.  This would ordinarily be a good thing, except he’s 22 months old and didn’t wait for me to sweep stuff up into a pile.  Then he took off with the dust pan.  My husband had to chase him back into the kitchen with it because, of course, my son vanished with the dust pan when I did need it.

Speaking of my son, I have to say I’m rather glad a bunch of his toys are from garage sales and other second hand sources.  Why, you ask?  Because of what happened tonight.  I was running his bath and trying to pick up a few things.  He took his bus, that lights up and sings, and threw it in the bath tub.  Needless to say, it’s now sitting in a bucket of rice and many prayers are being said that it will work again.  After all, it is favorite toy.  Figures.

I thought I had lucked out after I had my son.  I thought things changed enough that I wasn't going to get the headaches I used to before I had my son.  I've been discovering lately that I don’t think I got off that lucky.  Which sucks.  I’m now hoping the headaches are not quite as frequent and bad as they used to be.


  1. These moments are frustrating now, but the best part of your life is when your kids are little. Smile and enjoy-its just a toy and if it breaks, you can remind him of it forever! beebeesworld

    1. Thanks! You are right. These years are precious. A little aggravating when I am trying to clean something in a limited time frame, but I will never let him forget this!