Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Review: School’s Out – Forever by James Patterson

Genetic experiments on kids, government conspiracies, and at least one love triangle thrown in for good measure.  Yep.  Patterson combines all of this into a decent story.  This is the second book in his Maximum Ride series.  The kids, who were experimented on genetically, are still on the run.  They end up being taken in by someone, who turns out to be with the FBI, and are given a semblance of a normal life.  Of course it all gets disrupted because that would be too easy.  And, amidst the action, the beginnings of a love triangle show up.

First, in my opinion, I am glad Patterson didn't take the love triangle thing farther than he did.  I think that would have really put a damper on the whole story for me.  That being said, I also don’t think it really added much to the story as you already knew where things stood without having to have the love triangle paint the picture in neon colors.

The rest of the premise to this book and the series in general, is very interesting and fun to read.  Who doesn't like a government conspiracy with a dash of genetic manipulation and cloning thrown in?

I do have to add that this is a kids’ series.  In that respect, maybe my opinion of the love triangle thing is a bit harsh.  But I also feel that kids shouldn't be treated as dumber because they are younger, and that is, to a slight extent, what I feel is happening with that piece.  I just want to make sure that it is clear not to expect adult level stuff out of this story because, despite the premise being similar to many adult level novels I've read, it is a kids’ series and is well written for this age group.  I would certainly recommend adding this to your list of books to get to eventually, just don’t expect too much out of it.  As a quick, fun read it delivers well.

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