Sunday, June 8, 2014

Random Sunday – Fireworks, Hair, and Green Beans

Honest - I really am trying to write more.  Between finals, my sister's graduation, and my brother's wedding things are a bit nuts.  I am hoping things will get a smidgen better soon.  So, on to this week's Random Sunday:

As I sit writing this post, I am listening to fireworks going off about a quarter mile from my house.  I keep praying they won’t wake up my son.  He’s been having a tough time going to sleep lately.  I had intended on going to bed twenty minutes ago but that was about the time the fireworks started.  Oh – it sounds like the finale is going.  Please let my son sleep through it…

I also had to deal with my hair today.  I’m in my brother’s wedding on Saturday.  Which means I had to figure out how to do something somewhat fancy with my hair.  I am totally inept at things like that.  Luckily, my aunt can French braid.  I figure we can start with that and fancy it up some with some flowers or ribbon or something.  Hopefully my soon to be sister-in-law likes it.

I watched something rather amusing tonight.  We grilled pork chops tonight as it was warm enough I didn’t want the oven on in the house for that long.  I microwaved some green beans and made instant mashed potatoes to go with as I didn’t have much time to do anything else.  So I got my son’s plate ready, then dished up my own and sat down to eat.  My son decided to invent a new toddler hors d’oeuvre.  He’d take a green bean, dip it in his mashed potatoes, and then eat it.  All while holding the fork in the other hand.  And he ate most of his green beans that way.  The whole thing just made me laugh.