Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random Sunday – Cars, Cake, and Mosquitoes

Yep.  I’m a little late with Random Sunday – again.  But, considering what’s been going on the last week or two, the fact that it’s up at all is an accomplishment.  One of those issues is my car.  Can I just say at the moment I hate cars.  Maybe it’s more car problems and stupid auto shops that jerk me around.  So, here’s the story.  My car had an issue.  Go figure, it has over 100,000 miles on it.  Not surprising.  So I took it in, not to my preferred shop due to the aforementioned craziness in my life, but to another shop.  Over 24 hours later THEY HADN'T EVEN LOOKED AT IT YET MUCH LESS STARTED TO FIX IT!!!  Can you tell I’m a little irritated?  Now I’m not entirely certain I even trust that they fixed it because my car was still having the same issue for a little bit after supposedly being fixed.  I have an appointment with my normal shop, which I trust completely, on Friday.  You may get another update on this next week depending on what happens.

I love cake.  That’s why I hate cake.  My brother got married this last weekend (more of the aforementioned craziness).  His wedding cake was amazing.  But it’s started me on this thing where I want cake all the time.  I go through that every once in a while.  Maybe I’m nuts, no I probably am, but I do.  And given the fact that I’m trying to get into a little bit better shape, this cake thing isn't helping!!!

Holy cow are the mosquitoes horrible this year.  Not surprising since we've had a ton of rain and there’s standing water everywhere.  But I can’t even let my son outside hardly because he gets so bit up it’s ridiculous.  I want to be outside, too, but there are so many mosquitoes I don’t want to risk life and limb.  I’m praying for something to change and kill off those flying hordes of blood sucking insanity inducers.

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