Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Random Sunday – Late Again, Insomnia, and Frogs

Yeah.  I know.  It’s Tuesday evening and I’m just getting Random Sunday up.  In my defense I was out of town all weekend.  Monday was rather nuts trying to clean up the mess and get back to work.  To give ya’ll fair warning, it’ll probably happen again this weekend as I’m leaving again this weekend.  It will be an adventure because I’m taking my two year old son half way across the state on my own.  Granted, my parents will be meeting us there, but I’m on my own for a while with him.  It should be fun!

I hate insomnia.  I’ve dealt with it some for several years now.  But last night really got to me.  What made it even worse was that about an hour after I finally fell asleep, my son woke up with a bad dream and couldn’t find his bear.  When I went and got him he didn’t want to lie back down in his bed.  Seeing as my husband now works overnights and I wanted to go back to sleep REALLY bad, I tucked him into bed with me and we both went back to sleep.  At least we both got a little more sleep that way.

I know a year or so ago I commented about how many tree frogs were around my house.  I found one this year.  He’s been hanging out on the light by my front door.  I’m guessing he’s having dinner most of the time when I go in and out.  He was missing tonight, though.  I’m hoping nothing happened to the little thing.  He’s a cute little tree frog.

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