Sunday, January 10, 2016

Random Sunday – Faith, Exercise, and To Do Lists

Let me start this part with a disclaimer.  These are simply my observations and not meant to insult, cause an argument, or anything else of the sort.  They are just things I’ve noticed.  With that said, it’s interesting how people in general treat faith now.  It seems like things have become so very black and white.  Either you believe in some religion or you believe in science.  Either you believe in helping others to a crazy extreme or you focus on yourself to a crazy extreme.  What happened to the grey in the middle?  Why can’t someone believe in science AND have faith in a higher power?  Why can’t we help others in appropriate ways without going to either extreme?  I’m just wondering why there has to be a choice of one OR the other.  While I’m no expert, I do think that seeing the grey would help solve a number of issues going on in the world today.

I’ve been trying to exercise more now that I’m not wrapped up in completing my Master’s degree.  First, let me just add that I didn’t realize how far out of shape I was until I started trying to do something about it.  So, needless to say, I’ve been pretty sore in the days after a workout.  Well, my son (who is 3 and so busy he really doesn’t need more exercise) doesn’t get that.  He keeps telling me he wants to do five more.  Even under his looser interpretation of five meaning more, I still think he’s trying to kill me sometimes…

We moved this summer.  We bought an actual single family home rather than the mobile home we’d had until this point.  And I’m learning to hate to do lists.  It seems like it doesn’t matter how much we get done, there’s always so much more left to do on that list.  I wonder if the to do list is in cahoots with the hangers and odd socks that multiply when I’m not looking. 

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