Sunday, January 10, 2016

Not a Normal Dinner Conversation, Part 2

Master Class this week gave hostile intentions as one of the prompt phrases.  It seemed to fit well with getting One Night in Dusseldorf going again.  Here's a quick synopsis of the story so far, with links to the previous posts above.  Emma is looking for her sister's killer.  Her search took her to Dusseldorf where she fell in with a pack of werewolves, only she didn't know it at the time.  Now she's discovered they're werewolves and they think she's the key to keeping the pack healthy.  James, the second in command to Kris, the leader of the werewolf pack, has just explained that part to Emma.  Now she wants to know about her sister supposedly still being alive.

            James looked down at his half eaten dinner.  I was determined to wait him out.  Dropping a bomb on me like he did claiming my sister is still alive and that they’d been playing games with me all along had me feeling rather angry.  I’m not sure if James could feel me glaring at him, if he finally gave in to the silence, or he decided his dinner wasn’t that interesting to stare at, but he finally glanced back up at me.
            “There is a war of sorts going on.  One humans know nothing about.  Lauren got caught up in it.”
            “She was wanted for the same reason we needed you here.  You are both strong druids, coming from an unbroken line of druids stemming back at least ten centuries.  Maybe even longer.”
            “So why did I see the police reports?  The pictures?”
            “They were the result of what could be considered some hostile interventions.”
            I snorted, “That’s one way to put it.  The body was identified by DNA.  There wasn’t even enough left for dental records.”
            “That was done intentionally so no one would catch on that the body was not Lauren’s.”
            “Were you and Kris involved?”
            James jerked back as if I’d slapped him, “Gods no!  Kris would have killed anyone involved in something like that.  Our pack is fighting to reestablish the natural balance in the supernatural world.”
            “I take it not everyone is?”
            “No.  There are some packs that are quite power hungry.  When many of the druids disappeared, some packs fared worse than others.  Those packs have completely lost the balance.  Kris hopes to find enough druids who are strong enough to reign in those packs, to save them from this madness.”
            “And that’s where Lauren and I come in.”
            “Where is Lauren now, then?”
            “That is a more difficult question to answer.”

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