Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Don't Panic Picture Prompt: April 12th

I know.  I'm really late.  I have a good reason this time.  I was super sick all weekend.  While I am feeling better now, I'm just getting caught back up on things.  So, this week I'll extend the deadline until Monday, April 18th at 6:00 pm CST.  I should be able to get the next prompt up around then.  Same rules apply.  1-500 words inspired by the picture below.  Add your blog links or your work in the comments below.  Thanks for not panicking!


Associated Press photographer Muhammed Muheisen


  1. The boy tucks the thin blanket around his slight form as he gazes across the fields. The workers kept to their tasks, many of them aware of the boy's presence, offering uncomfortable glances his way as they moved through the field. He marvels at how lithe and sturdy they are, such large awkward creatures. What did the elder call them? Crow Nups? No matter. He has them working now and that is as it should be.
    The boy takes a step, his foot moving from the small tuft of grass upon which he stands to the soft moist earth. He walks slowly examining each worker with careful eyes. As his eyes catch theirs, they drop their gaze, hoping to bypass his inspection. He stops in front of one worker, a woman. A sheen of nervous sweat breaks out across her brow.
    “What is your name, Crow Nup?” he demands.
    “Sally.” She keeps her eyes on the crop.
    “Sally,” he replies. “How long have you been here in the harvesting fields?”
    “Only a few weeks, sir.”
    Most of them know not to lie to him.
    “And why only a few weeks, Sally? If the harvesting fields have been in operation for well over a year now?”
    “I escaped the first wave, sir.”
    “And how did you come to be here? Don't leave anything out.” His face is framed with cherubic dimples, lighting up with childish delight.
    The woman pauses, her hand, still filled with the sticky pink substance. “I... The last few of us managed to escape, at least for a little while. Your friends... I mean, your associates, found us and brought us here.”
    “Yes, thank you, Sally.” He makes a motion as if to walk away.
    “Young sir,” she calls to him. “I think you must stop all of this.”
    He turns to face her, an angry flush rising in his cheeks.
    She goes on. “Please, sir. It might be nice for you for a little while, but soon you will see that you need someone to take care of you. Look, you need a bath and a real meal! You're just a child!”
    With a flick of his wrist the woman vanishes.
    He reaches out and plucks a tuft of the cotton candy, popping it into his mouth before he turns and walks back to the gingerbread palace. Some of today's harvest would go to the glass makers. He looks forward to the portion which would come to him. It had the best flavor on harvest day.
    He could not help but giggle at the woman's temporary fate. He had sent her to the screen room where she would be forced to listen to the incessant singing of cartoon characters. He would get her back in a few hours. She would learn who was in charge of this world.
    He pauses at the castle door, snapping off a bite-sized morsel from one of the turrets. Finding that magic was the best thing that ever happened.

    1. I love this!!! The unexpectedness of his spoiled behaviors at the end with the picture of him at the beginning is wonderful!

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