Friday, April 15, 2016

#TuesFlashFicTrain: Unwanted Attention

It's a bit last minute, but here's my response for the next part of Gloria's story from the current #TuesFlashFicTrain.  Be sure to stop by Trials and Tribulations of Writing Fiction to read the rest of Gloria's story and to vote on who's offering should continue the train!

                Gloria ducked into a co-worker’s cubicle.  Crawling beneath the desk, she realized it was Frank’s.
                Thank all that’s good I made it to Frank’s cubicle.  He’s careless enough to leave his desk unlocked and lazy enough to leave materials in his desk.
                Gloria eased the drawer closest to her open and rummaged around, praying all the while Harvey wouldn’t hear her.  She pulled out the first container and pried it open.  Peanuts.  Literally.  No help there.  The next container revealed potato chips.  Then chocolate-covered raisins.
                Really, Frank?  Do you really need this much junk food?
                Moving on to the next drawer, Gloria first pulled out a box of paperclips.  Better, but not overly helpful yet.  At least not unless she wanted to keep Harvey close to her.  Pencils and one dried out highlighter were next.  Then, in the back of the drawer Gloria found a small wooden box.  She rolled it over several times, but in the dim lighting she couldn’t find the opening.
                Footsteps came down the row.  Gloria slid the drawer shut and squeezed under the desk.  She whispered a few words to coax the shadows around her further, trying not to breathe.
                “Gloria!  I know you’re here somewhere!” Harvey’s sharp, nasal voice was a whisper in the still room, “Come out, Gloria!  You know we need to talk!”
                He stopped outside of Frank’s cubicle.  Gloria mouthed several more words and drew three tiny symbols on the floor near her feet.  Harvey’s head turned.  He started off, his footsteps quick and loud on the polished cement.
                Gloria counted to ten and then crept out from under Frank’s desk.  She peeked around the edges of the cubicle, convinced no one would be looking for her head so near the floor.  Seeing no one, she stood up and hurried toward the far door.
                Gloria walked into Harvey, smacking her nose into his thin shoulder.
                “Gloria!  There you are.  You need to come with me.”
                She stood there a moment, blinking, unmoving.
                “Well?  What is it?”
                “Nothing.  I just- “
                “You just what?”
                “I was surprised to see you.  I was just on my way out to grab lunch and then I was coming to see you,” Gloria begged the powers that were to lend her words enough false charm to get Harvey to swallow them.
                “No such luck.  My office.  Now.”
                Gloria’s heart sank.  She was in for it now.

You still have a little time to take the Don't Panic Picture Prompt dare!  Come on!  What have you got to lose!

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